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Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care

Lawn care may be low on your priority list right now. But there are steps you can take during fall that will be invaluable to your lawn’s health when spring arrives. Although growth has slowed and you can reduce frequency, it is important to continue mowing until grass stops growing, usually around the end of October. Using the lowest blade setting for the last two cuts is highly recommended as it will allow more sunlight to reach the roots. Here are some other useful tips from Yard Ventures Inc;


Fall is the optimum time to fertilize lawns (additional fertilizer in spring is also recommended). Although there will be minimal growth, the nutrients delivered now will reap rewards later.


Aeration ensures the roots are receiving much needed oxygen, water and fertilizer.

Leaf removal

Sunlight is crucial to a healthy lawn, and as the days grow shorter it is important to maximize exposure. Leaves left too long can cause significant damage so rake them up regularly.


The most environmentally friendly way to deal with weeds is by hand. Please not that the use of herbicides is prohibited in Vancouver.

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